Epuzer Fashion brand: developing a new website to appeal to fans


Our client, fashion brand Epuzer based in Poland, needed a new website, as their previous one was out of date and didn’t meet their requirements.

They wanted us totally redesign the UI and UX, implement multiple-language option and develop new functionality to meet their needs.


WiserBrand team thoroughly studied the technical assignment provided by the client, discussed all the details, implemented necessary estimations and fulfilled the following strategy:

  • Developed a design taking into account all the client’s requirements;
  • Customized the default Magento, found, installed and set all the necessary modules;
  • Implemented the front-end part (with regard to the markup for a large number of the desktop and mobile resolutions) and improved the functionality according to the technical specification;
  • Tested the website, launched it on the server and still supports it.


The new website was successfully launched a year ago and we still provide all the necessary support and implement new features. On the basis of the technical specification, we can emphasize these most interesting solutions we implemented in that project:

  • The IP-detection of users’ location that adjusts the website language and currency according to their country;
  • The Especially for you module. With that functionality, users can buy clothes tailored to their size for an extra charge that is calculated on the checkout page. They can enter their size data directly on the product page, and there are special size measurement fields for every type of clothes;
  • The functionality for purchasing in one click. Users can enter only their email and phone number and the system generates a new order. The system automatically processes the order in the administration panel, the same as a regular one, managing the availability of the item in the stock.
  • Created a Sale category where products with a discount are added automatically;
  • The Bonus system functionality. In accordance with the whole sum of completed purchases, users gain discounts on future orders. Also, we transferred the previous customer database to the new website and retained all their discounts;
  • A new delivery method that calculates the final charge according to both the shopping cart sum and the payment method chosen;
  • The functionality that lets users play a video by clicking on any Home page banner.