BSO: developing a website with payment service integration for real estate services


About the client

BSO, a company that provides real estate management services in the United Arab Emirates, had requested us at WiserBrand to develop a website for their business from scratch.

Their main request was creating a convenient system with additional functionality tailored to successful business management for a real estate agency.

The website also needed a payment tool that meets the Payment Gateway requirements.


Development, Business, UX/UI, Web Design


WiserBrand team had set a goal to develop a convenient and intuitive website with a unique and user-friendly design, along with a package of necessary functions, including integrating it with the Etisalat Payment Gateway tool.

Our team set up and implemented the following strategy:

1. Design and Front end development:

  • Creating a UX-based design;

  • UI design based on user behavior;

  • Developing convenient page layouts and user interface widgets;

  • Creating the admin dashboard for managing the website;

  • Developing the online payment option consistent with the requirements of the Payment Gateway.

2. Backend development:

  • Tailoring the admin dashboard features to the specifics of real estate business for convenient website management;

  • Integrating Etisalat Payment Gateway with the website for effective on-site payments;

  • Developing affiliated payment pages intended for the same payment method;

  • Implementing a set of functions necessary for SEO optimization.


Project Results

It took us about 1,5 months to develop a website from scratch; the backend element was implemented on Yii2.

When the website has launched and started bringing in traffic, the company owners were fully satisfied with the results, as every detail of the development process, from coming up with UI/UX design to the final layout, turned out exactly as the client requested.

The payment tool WiserBrand has successfully integrated with the BSO website is now significantly contributing to the convenience of user experience and, as a result, the company’s success among the competition.

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