Mixmart.ae: developing a website for an online grocery store to supply local customers with their homeland food


About the client

We had received a request from Mixmart.ae, a company based in the UAE, to develop a website for a grocery store that sells imported goods to foreigners. Besides the default Magento-based store development, they needed several custom solutions to provide their customers with outstanding service and ensure a wide variety of options for new content creation. 

After our development team had gathered all the necessary information from our client, we came up with an optimal strategy for the Mixmart.ae project.


Development, Web Design, Magento


  • Reworking baseline Magento templates;

  • Developing a markup that’s adaptive to different devices and resolutions;

  • Front-end development;

  • Backend development;

  • Filling product categories and the database of goods;

  • Creating and publishing content for the website.



What we additionally did to meet our client’s goals:

  • Setting up an option for customized delivery;

  • Building a convenient multifunctional checkout page;

  • Performing the integration of WordPress with Magento to implement a versatile customizable blog;

  • Implementing the Order Item feature;

  • Developing the Special offers feature;

  • Creating the Feedback option;

  • SEO optimization.


Project Results

After 3.5 months the project has been completed, and the website was officially launched. Over time WiserBrand developers have implemented additional features:

  • Delivery to a customizable location. The aim of this feature is to provide customers with affordable and free delivery depending on their location. Each location requires a different total purchase sum to be eligible for free delivery.

  • Scheduled delivery feature. There is a special delivery field to let customers pick up a convenient delivery time. This field is synched with the calendar.

  • Editable cart. On the checkout page, customers are able to check their order and make changes conveniently.

  • Multifunctional blog with WordPress integration.

  • “Order Item” feature. If the item is not currently in stock, there will be an “Order Item” button - the admin will receive a request for the unavailable product. When the items are back in stock, customers will receive a notification.

  • Special offers feature. We’ve added a category with special offer descriptions and promo codes. Initially, the coupon is hidden and looks something like a scratch card. When the customer clicks on the coupon, they are redirected to the category page of the items it can apply to. They can also copy and paste the code into an empty field in the basket or on the checkout page.

  • Feedback option. Users can leave their feedback for the website, and they become visible after admin approval. 

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