Dealing With Negative Results In Google


Our client is a lawyer from Nevada.

The main goal for him is moving a negative article and negative Facebook group from the first page of Google search results.

Both sources appeared on the first page for the company name and client’s first and last name queries.


Our team created an approach that was based on the following principles:

  • Full-stack website optimization;
  • Active posting on all social networks and creation of SEO-optimized posts every day;
  • Images optimization for the website and social networks;
  • Creating media materials for social networks;
  • Increasing backlinks mass (creating profiles on specific directories, posting articles on relevant blogs);
  • Promoting positive sources from the first and second Google pages.


We are continuing to follow and develop the described approach to affect search results for our client in Google.

Additionally, our team is working on the strategy aimed at promoting the client’s website for queries related to their primary practice areas, as well as improving the overall online practice.

Currently, the client’s website is in top 10 search results for the key practice area queries in the state.