HireRush: developing a new business portal to hire in a rush


HireRush company based in the USA offers people an internet site where customers can quickly hire service providers, and independent contractors, in their turn, find their clients.

The company needed to develop a powerful multifunctional business portal that would be convenient for both the independent contractors and their customers, that is why they turned to WiserBrand to solve their problem.


Our team set the goal to develop a powerful portal with a convenient and useful package of functions needed for smooth business management.

WiserBrand developers took into account all the special aspects of the HireRush business, as there were many additional features needed to make the portal stand out among others.

Our team worked out a development strategy and successfully implemented it. The working plan included the following steps:

1. Design

  • Development of UX and user behavior based design;
  • Creating user-friendly pages and elements of the interface;
  • Creating the listings of the services provided;
  • Design of the user-friendly dashboard with a lot of useful functions;
  • Creating profiling forms and other functional elements.

2. Dashboard

Wiserbrand team developed the most convenient and appealing dashboard for the robust management of such resources and settings:

  • The list of leads;
  • The website notifications;
  • The account subscription plans;
  • Reviews;
  • Widgets;
  • Telephone menu;
  • The payment settings;
  • The dashboard design;
  • The customized color scheme of the dashboard.


Our team created a business portal for HireRush company three years ago and still supports it, implementing regular upgrading.

The convenient and appealing design based on users’ behavior, the simple in use and comprehensive package of functions along with the functional interface attracted to the website more than 80 000 users that became HireRush loyal customers.

Contractors received a useful online platform to promote their services and manage the business, their clients can now quickly find service providers in their neighborhood, and the company obtained a profitable business portal.