Business portal: upgrading SMM strategy to raise traffic


A company* with a business portal started experiencing some issues with the traffic and turned to the WiserBrand team for professional help.

The core of their problem was in their strategy that proved to be wrong — they increased their number of subscribers with the help of websites that generate views.

That wrong decision resulted in the website low position in the search engine results as the Facebook algorithms are set in such a way that the pages with the false subscribers have the lowest rating positions.

Our goal was to fix that issue, improve the company SMM strategy and raise the website position in the search results.



*The company name is under NDA




After the WiserBrand SMM team performed a thorough analysis of the company SMM strategy, we worked out and successfully implemented the following working plan:

  • Audited and improved all the company’s social media content and linked all the profiles from different media;
  • Manually deleted all the bots, false and inactive subscribers;
  • Worked out a new professional strategy for publishing content, which proved to be more tailored to the website target audience and more successful;
  • The company SMM subscribed to new groups of similar professional expertise, which increased the amount of organic traffic to the website;
  • Developed a seasonable program of special offers for the company's subscribers.


The first results of our work became visible after two months.

The new SMM strategy worked out great, and the company improved its position in the search results.

Also, the website views, subscribers, likes and reposts rates significantly rose, which greatly increased the website conversion and brand awareness.