Wiser Brand

BPO: Business Analysis and Data Entry Specialist For an E-commerce Company


Our client owns an e-commerce business.

He has a website that sells products throughout the US and gathers about half a million visitors per months.

Together with his development team, he has to deal with a lot of incoming data provided by the manufacturers of products sold through his website.

The data comes in different formats and isn’t structured in a way that would allow the data entry system developed by client’s team to organize and operate with the data to process all of it properly.

The client didn’t have anyone on his team that would be able to work with that system and help him improve it through its use.

That’s why he decided to choose an outstaffing option offered by WiserBrand.


WiserBrand brought in 2 highly qualified data entry and data analysis specialist that currently work from our office.

Our team conducted the onboarding while the client took an active part in the process of training new people and getting them acquainted with the specifics of his business.

After a few days, the team started working actively with the system. They’re busy performing the following tasks:

  • Analyzing the data entry system, the logic of data storage and processing and developing a new structure for organizing and bringing in the data.
  • Conducting activities that will allow to normalize the formats and the contents of the data sent by manufacturers to the client to make the data processing a lot quicker and easier.
  • Perform improvements that will make it possible to automate most of the data processing
  • Through the work with the system, make sure that the data is appearing at the right places on the front-end of our clients e-store.
  • Complete the data processing steps the system isn’t able to perform automatically.
  • Suggest new improvement that would contibute to the increased efficiency of the data entry system, optimize its logic and eliminate the flaws.


The client is extremely satisfied with the performance of WiserBrand’s team members.

He values the quality of their work, as well as the passion with which they approach their daily tasks.

The fact that they care about the success of this business, manage to act as a self-organized unit, exceed the expectations and deliver results that contribute to company’s success is what he likes the most.

Right now, the two specialists are finishing up the first set of high-priority tasks.We’re approaching the point of cooperation with the client, at which we’re getting ready to expand the team and bring in additional data entry and analysis professionals.