HireRush: new SMM strategy for social traffic growth

smm improvement wserbrand


HireRush company experienced some problems with traffic and conversion from social media.

They turned to the WiserBrand team to audit their SMM and fix the bugs of their current SMM strategy.

When the website was launched, the HireRush SMM lacked deep information about their target audience, and as a result, their website promotion strategy needed improvements to be better oriented to their potential customers.


The WiserBrand team performed a thorough analysis of the HireRush website and audited their SMM strategy.

Our SMM professionals studied all HireRush services, worked out a new appropriate strategy and fulfilled the following plan of the website promotion in social networks:

  • Picked up Facebook and Instagram to be the main SMM tools, as the principal HireRush auditory are professionals in the fields of household, outdoor services and beauty industry, and these specialists prefer FB and IG to other social media;
  • Published our posts regularly — 2, 3 posts a day;
  • Collaborated with other groups of similar interests for regular publications in these groups;
  • Each publication catered the needs of the target audience;
  • Quickly reacted to every group member’s or other social media user’s requests.

smm trafic hirerush

Traffic diagram in December 2016.

smm wiserbrand improvement


Two months later we received the first results.

After we straightened the Facebook groups and started our publications on the regular base, FB became the most powerful source of traffic to the HireRush website.

However, the collaboration with other thematic groups in FB was quite helpful too, a lot of the publications for gaining more audience and traffic turned out to increase the site conversion.

In a year, we doubled the number of the HireRush subscribers.

followers hirerush on facebook

Traffic diagram for the period from 30 of January 2017 till June of 2017.