Why local advertising agency won’t work for your medical practice anymore?

Why local advertising agency won’t work for your medical practice anymore?

For many years companies relied on local marketing and advertising agencies. The idea was that local agencies understand local markets better than the others. They know who is the primary audience for the business, what channels are preferable for the business owners and how to create and deliver a message which resonates with interests and values of potential customers.

This resulted in opening more than 60,000 advertising agencies across the country. And it also led to marketing decentralization. For many years the success of these agencies was built on local sales reps. The presence of such rep helped clients to feel secure about collaboration with the agency.

In the medical world hospitals and practices also relayed on local advertisers. They believed that they are able to find and attract patients because they knew the pros and cons of a local market.

In the past it was true. But in the heyday of digital era, this might not work.

Change in consumer preferences

Before, marketing industry was built upon local expertise and connections. Traditional media, which is still important, was the main advertising channel. Medical professionals ordered the best time on radio and TV. They purchased ads in printed newspapers. But now the efficiency of these channels is falling down year by year.

During the past 15 years, the ad revenue of printed newspapers dropped from $60 billion to $16.4 billion. TV industry lost 11% of its profit in the US only for this year. People started listening online podcasts and music from on-demand platforms. Radio stations lost more than a half of the listeners.

It is evident that the digital audience grows each year with spreading the internet all over the world. Users start trusting digital platforms like Google and Facebook more than radio and TV. More than two trillion searches are processed by Google each year. And Facebook has now more than 2 billion users.

When it comes to medical marketing, the majority of local agencies don’t have capacities to run scale campaigns. They are usually lack of technical expertise and do not have understanding of how to maximize ROI online. This leads to rise of demand for professional digital agencies.

What’s new in medical marketing?

The rise of digital media led to the decline in offline media. Often we see news from Google, MSN, Yahoo and other online giants in local newspapers and magazines. And digital world is different, it seems to be ruled by users. It shows us the information we had been looking for and allows us to interact with brand one-to-one forcing companies to apply customer-centric approach.

That is why the use of digital marketing became a vital part of any advertising activity. And medical marketing is not able to bypass it. To reach the most of the local audience different medical facilities are forced to set up their online presence. If your hospital, clinic or practice is not there, it is time for changes before it is not too late.

Of course, you may stay and invest in radio, TV, print ads etc. but it won’t bring you the same results as 50 years ago. That is why you need to advertise online, and to do this right, you need to learn a lot or to hire a professional.

If you are looking for HIPAA certified digital marketers, you are at the right place. Contact WiserBrand today and get the most of your online presence!

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