Unique content: must have

Unique content: must have

Everyone knows that having unique content when marketing your business is a must. Millions of companies all over the world hire copywriters and content managers to be ranked high in search engines and to be distinguished among competitors. Unfortunately, on our way to unique content there often comes a barrier – copyrights, copypasted texts, not enough proofreading and the others. The main enemy of unique content is… Duplicate content. Let us learn what it is. Duplicate content is the same content repeated on different pages of a website. It brings nothing good to the domain owner, and in this article, we will explain why. Also, such trouble can be found on separate websites even not connected with each other. In such a case, it is called duplicate content on different domains. This problem has become widespread in the modern Internet and lots of websites have already suffered from it.

Unique content

So, let`s start from the very beginning and help you remove duplicate content on the website

Still thinking you have the unique content? Let`s check. There are lots of free SEO tools letting you find out if some of your pages need content improvement. The most user-friendly and precise are:

These two sources do not require installation – just paste your website URL and see the results. Usually, SEO specialists remove the issues manually, creating unique content checked for plagiarism. This is one of the core tasks completed by digital marketing departments. It is important for the search engines rankings because when Google sees multiple content duplicates within one website, it makes such page ranked lower as the one with a poor trust.

Duplicate content on different domains

Sometimes it happens that the content is being copied from your website by competitors or other resources. The weirdest thing is that these third-party authors can occasionally be ranked higher than your own material and considered by Google as unique ones. First of all, check if your content is published on other domains. Use these tools:

But, what to do if you found plagiarism? The two most common solutions are:

  1. Contacting the webmaster of a website which took your content Webmasters are those who handle technical issues on websites. You can reach them via Contact us form or any other official contact information. Ask them to refer to your official URL with canonical tag or, if it is not applicable, to remove the article. If they agree to put the canonical tag, you will get a backlink. In our next articles, we will tell more about getting high-quality backlinks and building link mass. Google has a great article about the duplicate content and the way of avoiding it – canonicalization.
  2. Submitting a removal request to Google If a third-party source cannot remove your content or place canonical tag, you can send a special request to Google telling that your copyright has been infringed. Thus, dealing with duplicate content, have 2 goals in mind:

    1. Remove duplicate URLs. We will give more details on this in our further articles.

    2. Remove duplicate content

Fulfill duplicates scan at least once per month to catch risks connected with appearing of the same content on your website or other sources. Don`t hesitate and check your website for duplicates. If you need any help or professional SEO consultation – drop us a line at seo@wiserbrand.com. Share your thoughts and opinions in comments!

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