Old School lawyers are afraid of social media: are they mistaken or not?

Lawyers are known to be risk-averse. They are tied up with everything they do or planning to do in the future. That’s why when the technology bursts into the minds of customers, the majority of well-recognized law firms are rushed out of the newly developing market. But, such circumstances are not yet painful enough to make every law firm use social media as a new channel for attracting clients. This will be so until the majority of potential customers go online.

Social media

And the truth is that it is happening right now. More than a half of clients are already using social media to find an attorney. According to recent studies by Reuters, 54% of legal customers will most likely hire an attorney who is active on social media. In addition, 40% of respondents say that an attorney presence on social networks, such as Facebook, GooglePlus, LinkedIn and Twitter is a part of their decision making funnel.

WiserBrand Legal Marketing Research 2017 shows that 17% of lawyers are only planning to use social media to market their law firm.

Is it possible to use social media marketing legally?

Everything is about ethics. It is obvious that attorneys avoid social media because of ethical concerns. Of course, it is possible to run into an ethical issue when doing social media marketing. As well as with any marketing activity for any industry. For example, lawyers are mostly using such forms of advertising like printed and video materials. Why does it happen so? Because they are used to them and trust them. Social media is a new channel, and it is possible to reach even more prospective clients there.

How to avoid ethical issues with social media marketing?

The main reason for running into an issue with social media is that attorneys need additional information on how social networks work. Usually, they treat it as a sales tool. As a result of this misunderstanding, we see tweets with an overt sales call to action. Like this one:

Ethical issues

It is obvious that this kind of activity may lead to an ethical issue. And it will doubtfully bring any new leads because no one will click on this sort of information.

Social media is not about direct sales. You need to work hard to convert your followers to new customers. People you are followed by on social media are usually unqualified leads and your happy customers. They help you to build positive image online by increasing brand recognition.

And when attorneys stop treating social media as a billboard the magic starts. They are focusing on attracting and educating prospective clients. They do content marketing and promote their own content. They place different media materials, testimonials, and reviews online… They don’t sell anything! So, when an attorney is not using social media to close the deal, they start selling.

Surely, when each attorney will shift to that way of self-promotion, it will be harder to compete online. But right now it is an uncharted territory. Of course, it is a very hard task to establish a dialog with the audience. And it takes tons of time and resources to plan and create social media strategy for a law firm.

It is evident that any lawyer needs to hire a social media marketing manager, designer, copywriter and several other people to take care of all online activities. There are lawyers who are trying to do social media by themselves. But is it worth? In average, lawyer charges between $150-300 per hour and average marketer charges less. And it is more likely that a professional marketer will bring positive results earlier than any other person. So hiring a digital marketing company is the best option for the successful lawyer.

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