Legal marketing research 2017

Legal marketing research 2017

A few weeks ago WiserBrand started one of the most fascinating legal marketing researches. We sent out a survey to the US law firms and asked lawyers to tell us the truth about their marketing processes. More than 1000 companies took part in our survey. And today we are sharing the results!

Legal marketing

What kind of digital marketing are law firms using?

25% of lawyers use Search Engine Optimization. 17% use Social Media Marketing. 8% use Pay Per Click advertising. But what is the most shocking – half of the respondents do not use digital marketing at all.

Digital marketing

Are law firms using/planning to use professional digital marketing services?

Most part of respondents (40%) are planning to hire a firm. Only 10% of companies already collaborate with marketing agencies. 30% of law firms have in-house marketing departments. And 20% do not promote their businesses online.

Marketing services

Are law firms satisfied with the results from marketing?

80% of survey participants are not satisfied with the results from marketing. They would like to have mobile friendly websites, better online presence and social media engagement.

Results from marketing

What do they want to change?

Taking into account such a high level of dissatisfaction, we asked the respondents what they wanted to change. Some law firms (5%) want to start marketing from scratch and change everything from Social media Marketing to Search Engine Optimization. 28% want to concentrate on website design and go mobile. 23% would like to improve or develop SEO strategy. 6% are concerned with a priority of marketing tasks. 9% consider pricing to be high. And 29% want to improve positions in the search by working with professional companies.

What to change

Thus, legal marketing has a big room for improvement. Define your goals and start implementing your digital marketing strategy to bring your law firm to the new level! WiserBrand has a small gift for everyone who shares this post on social media. FREE audit of your business and a live consultation with our professional in exchange for share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest. Contact us at and we will define strong and weak points of your law firm and create an individual action plan to achieve your business goals online.

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