Is Keyword Meta Tag Still Used by Google, Yahoo and Bing?

Is Keyword Meta Tag Still Used by Google, Yahoo and Bing?

Keyword meta tag usage is still the most discussed question by webmasters and SEO specialists. Not looking on numerous evidence, some websites owners are still using meta keywords to get higher rankings in search engines. Moreover, thousands of people each year search for Seo meta keywords best practices on Google.


Yet, if we will look back to 2009, we can find the article by Matt Cutts of Google where he states that keywords are not considered as a SEO ranking factor. Besides Google, there are Yahoo and Bing search engines that also have the audience. So it will be interesting for you to know if you need to use meta keywords to rank high on these platforms.

In this article, we decided to unveil if keywords are still working on these platforms and what are the consequences of their usage on your website.

Google – not utilizing keyword meta tags

As we have stated above, Google representatives proved that they no longer use keyword meta tags for the search engine ranking algorithms. Also, they had not indicated if meta keywords will be considered as a search engine ranking factor in future. Moreover, they emphasized that meta tags, in general, should have become the less important factor affecting your SERP positions.

Some of the SEO specialists and webmasters believe that meta keywords can even have a negative impact on your rankings, yet, we decided to discuss this later in this article.

Yahoo – rarely considers meta keywords tags

After Google had announced that they were no longer using meta keywords, Yahoo decided to follow this policy.

Later, after Yahoo declared that keywords wouldn’t influence website rankings, Search Engine Land (SEL) published the research showing that keywords are still included in the platform’s ranking algorithms. Following the article, a Yahoo representative responded that meta keywords receive the lowest ranking in the system, so titles, descriptions and page content have the higher priority.

Moreover, the reuse of similar queries in the keywords cannot give weight to the web page. As a result, it will not get higher ranking in the search. So meta keywords SEO examples you might find online won’t help to boost your web page in SERP either.

Yet, they stated that if there are no other signals presented, unique words which only appear in the keyword meta tag can be used to recall the web page.

To summarize, Yahoo credits no weight to keyword meta tags. Still, if there are no other factors which influence rankings, Yahoo will use keyword tags.

Bing – not much weight

In the past, meta keyword SEO was very popular among the search engine optimization professionals and webmasters. Without paying much attention to the content of the webpage, specialists filled meta keywords tag of the page with numerous keywords and phrases.

There were a lot of tutorials with meta keywords SEO examples everyone followed, and while opening a page source, we saw a massive paragraph of text staffed with different words and their forms. Such over usage of keywords motivated the search engines to start the development of various filters excluding pages packed with them. Nowadays, the search engines’ algorithms changed even more. Much attention is paid to the quality of content, the correspondence of titles and descriptions and of course the user behavior. Search engines are not relying on all SEO stuff we can do – visitors and their experience on your website are the factors that count too.

Moreover, it is known that meta keyword tags may hurt your website rankings. And this is not only a technical issue connected with the search engines algorithms – setting up meta keywords may give your competitors all information they need to find out, what keywords you are interested in and beat you with the AdWords, link building, and different well-known SEO techniques.

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