How to Map the Patient Journey to Make Your Practice More Effective

How to Map the Patient Journey to Make Your Practice More Effective

Have you ever wondered how to drive more revenue to your medical practice? We are not talking about medicine-related service (if you provide any). The deal is about medical specialists as themselves. Of course, you may be popular for your knowledge, education, things you do for the people and word of mouth might work for you as well. However, if you are marketing your practice somehow, there are a lot of other things which always need improvement.

Patient journey

Even if everything seems to be successful you may always improve your tactics by measuring what is happening right now with the channels you use. Here is the list of questions you may use to determine how your patients are interacting with your practice and if they have the right Patients Experience to recommend you to others.

12 Points to Map the Patient Journey

  1. The target audience for your marketing materials. Are you messages delivered to the right people on the right platform (offline and online)?
  2. Website. Is your website easy to use? Is it mobile friendly? Does it answer questions people might have?
  3. Phone calls. Are all your phone calls answered in time and promptly? Is your interactive voice response software easy to use?
  4. Emails. Are your work emails sent to a HIPAA secure database? Do you respond to all emails promptly?
  5. Front-Desk. Is your receptionist friendly to visitors, knowledgeable and competent?
  6. Location. Is your practice easy to find? Do you have all instructions on how to find your practice published online?
  7. Ease-of-access. Is it easy to access the building you are in? Do you have signs which may help patients to find you?
  8. Cleanliness. How often are you doing the cleaning? Is it enough to keep all your premises clean?
  9. Waiting Room. If your waiting room calming, clean and comfortable?
  10. Wait time. Do you like waiting? Of course, no. And your patients aren’t different. Can you optimize your scheduling process to reduce wait time? Can you make patient’s waiting more comfortable? Do you have free Wi-Fi, toys for kids and magazines to read?
  11. Forms. People hate filling long forms. Can you do that easier for them? Are you using the software? Can you cut down unnecessary or repeated fields?
  12. Bedside manner. Even if you are an excellent professional a lot of people will still write negative reviews. These reviews will be a result of your bedside manner. What can you do to improve it? Have you tried to change something to make a patient comfortable to work with you?

As you see it is not easy to maintain your medical practice to satisfy every patient who comes to you. And if online is easy to fix by hiring WiserBrand web marketing gurus, offline issues will still be with you.


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