HireRush — from an idea to successful and helpful business

HireRush — from an idea to successful and helpful business

The idea of creating the HireRush market place occurred in 2015 when a team of developers realized that there is a quite large number of service providers in the USA and their potential customers, but very few platforms to help them find each other fast and cover their business needs in the most convenient way.

So the team decided to give professional providers fair opportunities to develop their own business even though with a quite tight budget. The HireRush service providers are real professionals in their field of expertise, but not all of them are businessmen by nature.

That is where this solution came in handy — the HireRush team heard the needs of their providers, took them into account and implemented features tailored for different types of professionals and their customers.

As a result, service providers are able to develop their professional websites with almost no effort, get more job requests and become more successful, and their customers may hire them in a rush and assess the provided services, leaving their own reviews.

HireRush is very serious about credibility, that is why all the profiles of the providers undergo scrupulous screening before they are published. Customers search through the lists of verified profiles on the platform and choose the trustworthy service providers based on their job history, work experience, and other customers’ reviews.

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This convenient platform is tailored to help people find service providers in their own town, city, or even a little village in any part of the USA. No matter where providers or customers are – Detroit or Los Angeles, the HireRush support team reaches them out and helps find each other.

Supposed to be a real help for everybody in need of services or work, HireRush is a good tool to serve its purpose.

How it works

Both experienced service providers and beginners increase their online presence, registering on the HireRush platform. Creating a free profile takes no more than 5 minutes and allows to promote services right after the registration.

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HireRush.com provides users with different options tailored to their needs and resources.

Anyone who is not ready to invest in their business right after the registration on the website is able to use a free plan and earn profits with the basic service providers’ options.

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However, experienced service providers prefer to chose Plus and Premium plans to take advantage of all the benefits of the HireRush marketplace.

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When a service provider picked up their plan and filled their business profile, they start receiving leads with job requests. Depending on their plan, they may compete with other pros to provide their services to customers, or purchase leads exclusively to contact customers directly avoiding any competition.

When a service provider obtains a lead, they reach out to their future customer via a verified phone number or the HireRush platform, clarify all the details of the requested job and get hired.

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In case they fail to receive a job after they purchased a lead and set a quote, they have two business days to request a refund from the HireRush company.

Of course, to stand out of the crowd requires not only professional skills but some extra efforts. There are several tips on HireRush market platform how to become the top provider, and they are quite simple to follow.

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There is also some additional helpful information provided by HireRush team. Service providers can see the latest customers’ requests for services on the Open Projects page and make use of them.

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Customers of service providers, in their turn, can find quite useful information on the costs of different projects that HireRush team thoroughly prepared and published in the Cost Guides section.

With the help of these Cost Guides, to calculate the budget needed for any project is a piece of cake. And it is a great help to anyone who plans a new home improvement or any other service for the first time and has no idea how much money they need to allocate for the project.

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And to make the search for a particular Cost Guide easy and convenient, talented web designers worked out a wonderful map to help any Internet user find the information they need faster.

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For almost four years the HireRush marketing platform has been a source of income for many service providers and the place where customers find trusted professionals.

Many experienced specialists have expanded their business, and newbies have found their first jobs and the opportunity to gain professional experience and brush up their skills.

It is not a secret that every new business starts with a good idea, and the more is the number of people a new business helps, the more are the chances of success.

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