Explainer Videos as an Effective Tool for Marketing Your Practice

Explainer Videos as an Effective Tool for Marketing Your Practice

At the first glance, it is not clear what “explainer video” is and how to use it in the marketing of your medical practice. We usually see such videos on retail websites. They are also called “Video Demos”.

Explainer videos

Regardless the name, these videos can become an effective communication tool. They may help you to increase your audience and loyal customers base.

According to EyeView poll, 90% of respondents think that quality video content helps to make a purchasing decision. Moreover, pages with video content have 80% higher conversion rate than text pages.

Healthcare explainer video characteristics

The main aim of explainer video is… to explain. It is easy to understand a story about one single subject. You can capture an attention of the specific audience and then to inform, teach, motivate or inspire it.

From a marketing perspective, the explainer video’s goal is to engage viewers and force them to make a purchase decision (not saying about establishing trust).

The best about explainer videos is that you can post them anywhere online. A lot of websites, blogs, social networks support videos. Creative videos published on YouTube are a great tool to attract more attention to your medical practice. Optimized videos are distributed by the platform automatically.

Share stories, create presentations and explain different notions with your explainer videos. Try to think of something new to win a competition.

How can you benefit from explainer video?

Here is the list of benefits you will get by creating explainer videos for your medical practice:

  • Pages with videos rank higher. Why? Because people spend more time on the page to watch the video! And Google sees it.
  • Help to improve conversion. 50% of “consumers say that watching an explainer product video made them more confident in their online purchase decisions.” [Internet Retailer]
  • The video is more shareable. Users love sharing video to tell their friends they`ve found something interesting.
  • Medical topics need explaining. Medical and healthcare topics are not so easy to understand. Explainer videos are the great tool to simplify them and get understanding and acceptance.
  • They are cost-effective. Of course, professionally filmed videos are the best way to promote your medical practice online. Yet, you may use different free tools available to create quality explainer videos with your content. For example, Adobe Spark allows you to create a beautiful quality video presentation for free.

An explainer video is a great communication tool which delivers easy to understand message to your customers. You can explain the core idea to your audience and inspire visitor or viewer to take an action. However, it is not so easy to use explainer videos right. You need to learn a lot to make a video seen by numerous users.

With WiserBrand team you don’t need to worry about it. Contact us today and we will conquer medical marketing world for you!

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