Coding myths you should avoid

Coding myths you should avoid

Whenever businesses are looking for an outsourcing developer, be it web or app development service, they are looking for the best of the best. And an important fact here that they want to get the best coders for the smallest pay and assign them the simplest job that might not even be related to the development at all. Unfortunately, this is a standard path for any business in search of outsourcing development services.

We decided to debunk the most common myths about app and web development services to ensure that you do not get caught by surprise when you learn that coders do need to sleep from time to time or that they specialize in more than one development field. Moreover, by learning the truth about coding, you will be able to find the right person for your tasks much easier and faster.

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Coders work 24/7

Yes and no.

Yes, coders can work around the clock when they are engaged in some startup that belongs to them. And this is a usual thing for those businesses aiming to get to the market. Every business owner has lots of sleepless nights when it comes to pushing a project to live.

No, coders do not work around the clock when they are hired for a particular project as an outsourcing force. Developers have their own families, private lives, hobbies, and interests just like anybody else. So they will have working hours, even though they might and usually will be flexible. So whenever a developer says that a project will take 40 hours, do not expect it to be ready in less than two days. Be patient and wait till the next Monday.

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Choosing language X instead of language Y is better

Coding and web development is not about choosing the best programming language in the world. Simply because there is none! Every language is better or worse for a particular purpose and the choice of the best one depends on what you want to get (desktop/mobile/web app, software, integration, library, etc.)

Every programming language today fills a particular niche in the coding environment. So do not think in the concepts that, let’s say, C++ is better than Python. Because it is not. C++ is perfect if you need to build the fastest software in the market while Python is ideal for scalable web applications. Consider this list of the best coding languages in 2019 when choosing a language and hence a developer for your project.

Once you go live, you are done

This is one of the worst misconceptions about the development of software, an app, or anything that involves coding. Just like you cannot drop a kid into the pool to teach him or her swimming, you cannot push some software to live and let it be there. Even if developers did a marvelous job, there will be bugs, there will be some major system updates that will influence the running peculiarities of your product, there will be hardware changes that would require your software to catch up.

Whenever you go live with a project, it is only the beginning because development maintenance might be even tougher than development from scratch. Just imagine that today it all works perfectly, then Android creates an update and your app is down for no reason. Not attractive, right?

Professional maintenance and support of any software are just as essential as its UX/UI design in 2019. Your product must deliver the highest level of service to your users regardless of any external factors. So make sure that you stay in touch with your app development team even after the software is released.

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Developers over 35 are incompetent

Ageism is real in the world of development. And it is a common mistake of businesses looking for outsourcing developers who are young and smart while omitting cooperation with coders over 35. This belief grows from the idea that older developers cannot keep up with the rapidly developing community and businesses and hence are tricks incompetent to develop high-tech software.

It might be true, but only up to a point. Lack of knowledge among developers comes at all ages. And the roots go to the lack of interest to personal and professional growth from a developer.

This means that if an expert learns a couple of languages and that’s it (meaning that he or they do not follow the trends, avoid learning new tricks and syntax, stop experimenting, and do not even consider learning another language), then this developer is old. And age has nothing to do with being old in this business.

If, on the contrary, a developer is constantly learning and keeping track of the latest news, then he or she will remain an expert even at 50, 60, or older. There is no age restriction here.

Yet be ready, that there is a tendency for older developers to stop doing the dirty work. This means that instead of learning new tricks, they focus on management positions. And such an expert can also become a great asset to a development team since they will know the process from A to Z and will be able to manage the timeline and the quality together without a hitch.

Women cannot be great developers

This is one of the most outrageous and unfair myths about the coding world. Never ever refuse to hire a woman as a coder only based on the gender factor. Because this is a complete mistake. Many women, in fact, finish schools being first in their class and can give a great head start to the male representatives on their team. Moreover, women also have a great visualization of a project so can frequently find a bug or resolve a complex issue faster than their colleagues.

In case you hesitate about this concept, just keep in mind that the first person in the world who published the first algorithm for a mechanical general-purpose computer, developed by Charles Babbage in the 19th century, was Ada Lovelace. Adele Goldstein was a member of the team that created the first electronic digital computer, and the current CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer was among the earliest developers at Google.

The bottom line

Do not trust everything you hear about programmers and the coding world. Usually, the myths existing around it turn out to be complete nonsense, yet they still influence the decision-making process of business owners. Be smart and do not give in to the common misbelieves. Trust the facts, the CVs, and the interviews you get from outsourcing developers and throw away any superstitions.

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