8 points to remember about successful medical marketing. Part 2

8 points to remember about successful medical marketing. Part 2

In the first part of our medical marketing fundamentals list, we focused on the four most evident components of your online presence. But what is hidden beyond website, blogging and social networks?

Medical marketing

Here are the rest four points which will help you to get more loyal customers from the internet:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Keywords. Relevant keywords are the core of medical practice SEO. Without them, your website will not appear high in Google search results page.
  • Website loading speed. If your website is heavy and visitors stumble upon infinite scroll wheel or more than 2 second load, they will more likely close browser window and find another doctor.
  • Quality content. It attracts visitors and helps you to rank high in Google search results.

Patient review sites

Recent studies by Software Advice show that more than 77% of patients use online review websites while searching for a physician. Moreover, 47% of patients may change the doctor based on online reviews. Patient review websites are a great tool to make your practice stand out from others. And while keeping a supportive community of your loyal customers, you may attract more just by engaging with them on such platforms.

Local directories

The majority of patients use search engines to find a local practice. Thus, be listed on local online directories to grow your practice. Even if you are listed on ZocDoc or Healthgrades, it is also worth having profiles on Yelp and Google+ local.

Email marketing

Email is not only a good way to remind patients of their upcoming appointments or annual checkups, but also a good tool to establish trustworthy relationships online. Through newsletters and email campaigns you can provide your clients with health tips, discounts, seasonal offers and what’s new at your practice. By the way, you may convert into clients those who just decided to subscribe while visiting your website.


The main goal of any marketing activity is getting new patients, right? And time investment into marketing is worth the results you will get. But what if your schedule doesn’t allow you to spend two-three hours a day creating content, responding to reviews and registering in online directories? Don’t worry, just contact us and grow your practice with WiserBrand cyber heroes!

Source: https://www.practicebuilders.com/blog/the-fundamentals-of-medical-marketing-why-so-many-practitioners-struggle-to-create-profitable-practices/

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