8 points to remember about successful medical marketing. Part 1

Planning to do successful medical marketing by yourself? Any business owner can get great results if he knows the fundamentals of online marketing. And medical marketing is not exclusion.

Medical marketing

Today we are going to share the first four points that will help you build an effective online presence. So here we go:


The first impression is one of the most important parts of decision-making funnel for any patient. That is why your clinic’s website must be up-to-date and easy to navigate. Think of the message you would like to tell your prospects who just visited your web page. What do they need? For sure phone number, link to the application form, email or link to positive reviews you have online. To think wider, imagine that you are looking for a cleaning service in New York. Type in “cleaning services New York” in Google and click on the top result. What do you see? What kind of information is missing there? Then check your website and add what was missing from the client’s point of view.

Social media

Social media

Right now the majority of clients check corporate social media profiles before selecting a medical professional. And if they are vivid and attractive, they will more likely choose them. Stalled with content? Tell the story! Publish pictures from your daily routine, interesting healthcare information and even special events. Patients love to know more about you before coming to the exam room.


It is important to educate your patients before they come to you from the internet. Writing posts will not only increase SEO value of your website but also work for your customer relations as well. It is known that 60% of patients from online have more trust to doctors who write informative articles. Create how to’s, share interesting information about medical findings, create media blog posts about events you are involved in. You will see how your client’s database grows.


Referrals have always been the best option to get new patients. Other doctors or your existing patients can recommend you to their friends, relatives or clients. Also, you can consider promoting your personal referral program. Stay tuned for our news and get the second part of the list soon!

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