5 Ways to Improve Your Law Blog

5 Ways to Improve Your Law Blog

Blogging for lawyers is a genuine way to promote your business and give your potential clients all the information they need to know about you and your services. Yet, not all blogs are actually attracting people. Most of them have poor content and not user-friendly interface. Are you sure that your audience would like to read articles full of complex legal terms? Or see the bloody crime scenes you are posting to drive attention to your recent case? There is a risk that this will not win.

Improve law blog

The main aim of blogging is education and knowledge sharing. In order for these two work great, you need SEO. That is why today we are sharing five tricks for you to make your law blog more attractive to your potential clients.

1. What are you going to write about?

The first thing you should consider is what you law blog will be about. Would you like to update your audience with the latest cases from your practice and your corporate news? Or would you like to help people who need professional assistance?

2. Who is your target audience?

Once you decided what your blog will be about, you need to determine the audience you want to reach. If you want to target business people, use business writing style. It will influence the topic choice and complexity of your content. Do not forget to be friendly and educative for any type of audience.

3. Is your blog for Search Engines or for people?

If you are going to dominate on Google and bring organic traffic while building up your blog, you need to fully understand that SEO-optimized content created for search engines only is a little bit different from the content created for live readers.

The primary factor is the size of the article. Google loves long reads with more than 2000 words, and people are more likely to read and share the structured content 400-500 words long.

Combine making your blog attractive for both people and search engines.

4. How much time do you need for blogging?

Attorneys are not only bloggers; they have cases and clients they need to work with. So, to achieve results in blogging niche you either need to hire writers who will work for you or dedicate regular time to writing. Set the minimal number of articles you need to publish, dedicate 1-2 hours a day to writing and follow it to define what volume of quality content you can produce.

5. Why do you need to stand out?

Be consistent in your writing. If people are following you, they might be interested not only in content, but in your consultation and help. And if your unique style of writing and sharing information attracts people, you will succeed. Otherwise, why you are blogging?

As you see, blogging for the law practice is not an easy task even for the most talented attorneys. Due to the time limitations, it is challenging to publish several updates per week. Yet, blogging is a must for SEO and SMM purposes. Here social media helps you to attract visitors to your website and lead them to the decision.

If you are looking for the professionals who can take care of your online presence, please contact WiserBrand marketing gurus. We will help you to expand your law practice with the help of our secret techniques.

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