10 Ways to Help Your Ecommerce Website Increase Conversion Rate

10 Ways to Help Your Ecommerce Website Increase Conversion Rate

If your website is your main source of income, then you likely know what eCommerce means. And yet, if your sales still don’t meet your expectations, you’re probably wondering if your strategy will ever pay off, and whether or not you’re spending your funds wisely.

Why An Ecommerce Website Might Sell Better Than a Store

Even at the lowest point of your business journey, you shouldn’t be discouraged by building from scratch. The digital space is the future of business, and it has lots of advantages compared to solely traditional retail.

Your clients come from anywhere, anytime. It’s both convenient for your customers, and tears down many barriers to help you sell more. You don’t have to pay rent and hire store assistants. Thus, you’ll be able to sell the products at a lower price, which gives you an advantage over the competition. Advertising is now easier than ever with targeted ads, search engine optimization and other digital tools and methods.

Considering all of the above, even if your sales aren’t as good as you’d like, keeping your business running on the Internet is still highly beneficial. It’s much more productive to focus on improving your conversion rate to attract more clients who’ll buy. How? We’ll explore that in this article.

How to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rate

This is the question every business person operating in the digital world probably asks themselves from time to time. Whether you’re just starting on this journey, or you have seen a decline for some reason, this might be a very raw and relatable topic.

How Does Customer Conversion Happen?

To better understand the principles of optimization, let’s briefly explore what client conversion is, and how to make it happen. As it is one of the most important metrics marketing specialists are using to determine the level of success of any given business, it is crucial to know what goes into it - you might be surprised, as it is quite complicated.

There are a few things that go into the equation to determine the site’s conversion rate:

  • when a customer actually buys something;
  • when they add an item to their wishlist;
  • when they share a link to your product on their social media;
  • when they rate your app (if you store has any);
  • when they leave a comment on your product;
  • when a client signs up for an email, etc.

As you can see, an eCommerce conversion rate - as in the number of sales - is just a tiny part of the whole picture of how effective your website is at turning visitors into clients. As most professional marketing specialists know, online business isn’t only built on immediate sales. Growing your client base, expanding the target audience, getting customers to return - all of this and more goes into building a successful profitable business.

Average Conversion Rate in Ecommerce

If you feel like your website doesn’t satisfy your standards, think about what rates you expect - maybe it’s the case of wishful thinking. According to this study done in 2018, the average eCommerce conversion rate is 2,86% globally. Does that put things into perspective?


Increase Conversion Rate

As you’re most likely looking to score more than average, you’re going to need conversion optimization services. We’ve got some good news for you - with the help of proper optimization, businesses successfully boost their conversion rate two to three times over! All you really need is to be attentive, thorough, dedicated, and be aware of what you’re doing in the bigger picture, as well as whether or not that is moving you towards the ultimate goal.

Hopefully, you already have a clear enough vision of where you want to move and scale. Now, you need to consider how to improve the experience of your website visitors, so that they would want to make a purchase and stay as your clients.

The appeal of your company’s website. Does it stand out visually? Is it straightforward enough for any user? How fast does it load? Are your texts clear and compelling? How about the images of your product? These are important points to consider. A good eCommerce website must load quickly, be visually appealing and have a clear direction (call to action). It also should represent the products it sells well.

Personalization. You’ve got to know your target audience and cater to it. If your audience includes two or more different groups - try to deliver an experience that would be special to all of them. People are much more likely to make a purchase if they feel that the product is exactly what they were looking for.

Don’t forget about search engine optimization. Your website has to be visible on Google or other search engines because that plays a huge part in how your business gets noticed by potential clients, so neglecting this aspect of a marketing strategy will narrow down your client base significantly.

Don’t aim to only sell - build relationships. Trust is necessary not only to keep your customers coming back but to attract new ones through word of mouth, which is especially powerful as online reviews and ratings don’t invoke as much trust.

Use advertising techniques to their full capacity. Don’t put all of your budget and effort into traditional ads. Get acquainted with retargeting and remarketing, work with social media influencers, etc.

Make it easier for your clients: respect their time, set up a persistent shopping cart, allow guest checkout, provide the tracking numbers as soon as possible, let them choose a payment method that best suits them, enable a live chat. Shopping with you should be a pleasant experience.

Test often and effectively. Analyze your stats and make the right conclusions, which in turn will allow you to change your advertising and marketing strategies accordingly.

Of course, working out the best strategy for incorporating lots of new strategies and features, and adopting a brand new mindset is very tricky. After learning all the basics on how to optimize your conversion rate, you can still find yourself at a loss when it comes to actually acting on your knowledge.

If you have too much on your plate right now or feel like creating a new strategy for your eCommerce website is a complicated and daunting task - don’t hesitate to contact us. WiserBrand marketing and development specialists not only possess knowledge on the task but are practically experienced in increasing sales for eCommerce. We will help your business reach new heights fast by making your site conversion rate grow organically.

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