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Sitemap creator and how to choose the one you need

Sep 20 2017

In our previous article about sitemaps, we have talked about the types of sitemaps and briefly about sitemap generators used to create…

Hiring a SEO Expert: 5 Questions to Ask

Jul 19 2017

Are you a newcomer in the industry and plan to promote your business online? Today, if you are thinking on how to…

How to Map the Patient Journey to Make Your Practice More Effective

Jul 03 2017

Have you ever wondered how to drive more revenue to your medical practice? We are not talking about medicine related service (if…


Jun 30 2017

This week WiserBrand shares some more SEO and SMM terms with you. Take a look and become a guru of online marketing:

How Internet Search Can Affect Healthcare

Jun 19 2017

With the significant rise of Internet search more and more researchers find new ways to improve care quality to patients. Take a…

How To Create An Effective Medical Practice Website

Jun 15 2017

Up-to-date website is a critical issue for a medical practitioner. It makes the doctor look more trustworthy for the potential client, gives…

Explainer Videos as an Effective Tool for Marketing Your Practice

Jun 09 2017

  At the first glance, it is not clear what “explainer video” is and how to use it in the marketing of…

Why local advertising agency won’t work for your medical practice anymore?

Jun 07 2017

For many years companies relied on local marketing and advertising agencies. The idea was that local agencies understand local markets better than…

8 Points to Remember About Successful Medical Marketing. Part 2.

May 30 2017

In the first part of our medical marketing fundamentals list, we focused on the four most evident components of your online presence.…

8 Points to Remember About Successful Medical Marketing. Part 1.

May 29 2017

Planning to do successful medical marketing by yourself? Any business owner can get great results if he knows the fundamentals of online…