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Time and Money Balance in the Law Firm Marketing

Jun 30 2017

Time and money are the two most treasurable resources for any business. Companies of different sizes are always looking for the most…

Effective Calls to Action on Law Firm Websites

Jun 08 2017

If the main aim of website content is to educate visitor, showcase your law firm’s skills and experience. Call to actions are…

8 Client Relationships Questions to Ask Yourself

Jun 05 2017

“Client relationship management should be your number one business development activity.” ~ Shirley A. Fortina Legal practice is a business. And even…

Old School lawyers are afraid of social media: are they mistaken or not?

May 31 2017

Lawyers are known to be risk-averse. They are tied up with everything they do or planning to do in future. That’s why…

Legal Marketing Research 2017

Apr 28 2017

A few weeks ago WiserBrand started one of the most fascinating legal marketing researches. We sent out a survey to the US law…