Medical Marketing: 5 Genius Ways to Get Your First THOUSAND on Facebook

March 31, 2017
We live in digital era where social media has become one of the daily life keystones. 60% of Internet users have accounts on Facebook and business use it to promote their products and services. For healthcare professionals social media can become an excellent tool for interacting with patients. Still, your Facebook success and recognition is measured by the number of followers. Getting the first organic thousand for your medical business is the base of further page growth. And you are 3 seconds away from 5 catchy points we prepared.
  1. Set up Facebook Business Page
Gathering followers for the organization? Create Facebook business page first. Common mistake of most beginners is promoting their company from personal page or choosing the wrong page type. Setting up Facebook business page is easy and free of charge:  
  • Log in to your personal page
  • Choose “Create Page” from dropdown menu
medical marketing tips
  • Fill in your business page name and choose appropriate category
Medical marketing tips           2. Optimize Facebook Business Page At this point you may need help from social media professional to choose catchy page information, captivating description of the company and its services. The more you fill your page, the higher it comes in search. So, let`s ensure that your profile is filled out completely.
  • Add cover photo, profile picture, short description and explore Facebook page tips
Medical marketing tips
  • Choose short username
Medical marketing tips
  • Add website
Medical marketing tips:
  • Add Call to Action Button
Medical Marketing tips
  • Add phone number
Medical marketing gifts
  • Add street address and business hours
Medical marketing tips
  • Describe your services
Medical marketing tips
  • Ensure all points in About section are filled in
Medical marketing tips

How to get followers on Facebook

     3. Share, Share and Share! Even More

There are a few ways to make sure you share engaging and interactive content within your business page. If you are posting updates about new services or products, corporate or social events your company attends, then you are on the right way to getting first thousand. You can also share videos, images and industry charts. This will convert readers to followers and finally to customers.

     4.  Promote your Facebook Business Page

After your page is set up, filled and acting after being reviewed by social media professional, you are almost done. It is time for magic. But, actually, it is time for properly set promotion.  One of the simplest ways is adding Facebook social buttons to your website. Online visitors can follow your Facebook business page by clicking the “Like” button without even going to social networks. What is more, you can also promote your page in newsletters or even in your email signature. Approach your webmaster or online marketing specialists to get the things done well.

     5. Now it’s Time For Ads

Facebook has built-in advertising panel where you can promote your page, generate  leads, boost posts, get traffic and many many more. The most important thing is to properly define the portrait of your target audience in Facebook advertising menu, choose timeframes and point out the desired number of followers to be attracted – 1000. Depending on settings  applied, the cost per campaign varies.. To make the most of this feature, companies apply to digital marketing gurus to get return on each dollar spent. These steps on how to get fans on Facebook are cheap and easy to follow, so now you have no excuse. A Facebook business page is a must-have for anyorganization dealing with medical industry. Social media in healthcare and medicine has proved to be a useful marketing tool to increase awareness about your practice, hospital or any other medical facility. Still have questions? Apply for a free consultation.

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