Effective Calls to Action on Law Firm Websites

June 8, 2017
Effective CTA work for law firm

If the main aim of website content is to educate visitor, showcase your law firm’s skills and experience. Call to actions are an important part of commercial content. They motivate to call and/or fill out contact form. As a result, you get conversion and content rocks!

But before this your call to action must be easy to find and understand.

Most visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website deciding if they would like to take an action or not. That is why your call to action (CTA) must catch their attention as quickly as possible. Moreover, your visitors should understand how they will benefit from contacting you.

Here are four best CTAs we picked online to inspire you.

1. YLaw Group

This family law firm uses attractive header images with text engaging to make a call. By playing with words, they are grabbing attention of people considering divorce.

YLaw Group creative call to action

2. Small Law

This CTA also plays with words reflecting the firm name. It emphasizes that small is not bad, it is even better.

3. C.A. Goldberg 

“We can help” phrase is known to be the most working CTA used among lawyers. And it is “accompanied” by clear call to action following it: “Schedule a consultation” or “Donate to our pro-bono cases”.

We can help call to action

4. Kain and Scott

This law firm specializes in individual bankruptcy and uses “get your life back” phrase to resonate its visitors.

Call to action that interfere with visitors' minds

What about ineffective call to actions?

We already know that call to actions should be simple and easy to find. But some law firms went too far with their CTAs. Popups offering chats, calls or fill in the form won’t do any good to your website. And if a user is considering to choose your law firm, they may distract them from getting needed information or making a call.

What are your next steps?

Make sure that your website encourages your potential customer to become your client. Effective call to action is the perfect and FREE tool for conversion. If you need help on how to convert your website visitors to customers and looking for more freebies, feel free to contact us.

Schedule a FREE consultation with WiserBrand team.

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