A Look Back into 2016: Search Engine Optimization in Numbers (Infographic)

February 13, 2017

Have you ever wondered what is happening with search? How your organic results influence your customer database growth? What are the changes in consumers’ behavior you should consider to compete on the market?  Below you will find five points which currently influence your SEO and paid advertising strategies.

WiserBrand inphographic about search engines statistics of 2017.

Effective & Efficient


Marc is an incredibly shrewd and competent lawyer. He holds the rights granted to us as citizens of this country very dear and feels very strongly about their preservation. Marc is articulate and bold. I am deeply grateful for his service.

So Much Help


Mr. Randazza, and his entire firm, are a class act. I was treated with respect, and kindness. Either Mr. Randazza himself, or his wonderful assistant would get back to me minutes after I emailed them. That's amazing.

My case was not ''big'' but it was very personal. Most Attorneys didn't even bother calling me back. So I was amazed by the personal attention from The Randazza Law Group. The information I got from him helped me tremendously in dealing with the company in question. After speaking with Mr. Randazza I was fully armed.

I would not hesitate in either hiring Mr. Randazza, or recommending this law office to anyone with a legal problem. Mr. Randazza is a straight shooter, an honest person and above all you feel important when you deal with him, not just another case.

Quick and effective


I suppose my issue was non-traditional, as I was a not-named party to a lawsuit based on twitter comments (it was someone else who got sued, my comments were part of a list of tweets entered as evidence in motions). Because it was a default judgement, I ended up getting a letter telling me to stop saying mean things (about an abusive man).

Enter Marc. With a letter to the abuser's attorney my worries about getting sued (or even arrested on a contempt of court charge) went away, while still retaining my anonymity...

Marc was at all times respectful (to both me and opposing counsel) and professional. I would hire Marc again in a heartbeat if I were to find myself on the receiving end of a lawsuit.

Great attorney for a very ugly case


Marc Randazza has worked on a number of free speech cases for us. In fact, this last year, we had a "bet the company" case, a very ugly and contentious case involving First Amendment rights and Section 230. Marc proved himself to be a real fighter that defended us vigorously through 14 months of hell, even though the other side started personally attacking his reputation, and even sued him personally to try and make him give up the fight on our behalf. Marc stuck with us through it all, and in the end, we came out victorious.

More details about the case can be assessed from Marc's profile on our site

After that we were so pleased with him, that we hired Marc on a constant retainer, and we are happy to have such a strong First Amendment and Section 230 Attorney on our side.



In my time of need for legal services, Mr. Marc Randazza has stepped up to the plate on more than one occasion, returning my phone calls personally. Mr. Randazza is extremely helpful on more than just the legal end. He has had an open line of communication during difficult times, which was extremely helpful in keeping me informed, thus lowering my stress levels and heightening my knowledge of what is happening from moment to moment.
One thing I like about Mr.Randazza is his utmost honesty. He WILL tell you like it is. Some things in life may be difficult to hear, but Randazza will pull no punches and will not lead you into a costly, drawn out situation for his own personnal financial gain.
I highly recommend Mr.Randazza for any legal needs you might have. This guy is licensed in 5 states, not an easy task. Mr. Randazza is not afraid of hard work, in fact he thrives on it. I haven't had a need for a lawyer in a long while, but if I do Randazza is the guy to call.


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