How Internet Search Can Affect Healthcare

June 19, 2017

With the significant rise of Internet search more and more researchers find new ways to improve care quality to patients.

Take a look at three surprising ways on how Google impacts healthcare.

Epidemics predictions

Despite several failures, Google is still trying to create an algorithm that will predict epidemic outbreaks coming up like influenza, dengue fever, cholera, etc.. More and more people trust Internet search as the first reference, it can become a breakthrough in the healthcare industry.

Diagnosing Diseases

Last summer New York Times created a fascinating post where the researchers were analyzing search queries and were trying to find the patients who have pancreatic cancer before their diagnostics. This research ended up with 5% to 15% of false positive rated.

Easier Access to Care

Today patients may face irrelevant and unhelpful content when they are searching for specific procedures or treatment. But Google continues to improve its search daily. Google AdWords allows creating campaigns based on keyword phrases that match the specific services and procedures. Such ads will deliver the user personalized and relevant information.

To sum up, we would like to say that today Internet search offers a variety of information.

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Source – https://www.mdconnectinc.com/medical-marketing-insights/google-search-data-improving-healthcare

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